Monday, December 29, 2008

Finding our tree

We went out to breakfast last weekend and then went and chose our Christmas tree. We actually chose the second tree we looked at and it was really pretty. Brayden, Brookleyn and Sasha found a bunch of pieces of twine on the ground and were enthralled with them the entire time. Brookleyn and Brayden even "helped" tie the tree to the top of my van, which I am thrilled to have back. I missed my van. (I am denying that the paint doesn't match exactly. My plan is to keep denying it for a couple of weeks and then have them redo it. I am not ready to have another rental car right now.) Ray put the tree up and we let the little kids put up the unbreakable ornaments. We left all breakable ones in the boxes this year. The kids had a fun time and I loved watching them.

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