Monday, December 8, 2008

Recycling/Re-using Project

I just spent the last couple of hours rinsing out juice bags/pouches for a project we are doing at our school through an organization called Terracycle. They use juice bags to make things like lunch boxes, totes, folders...they are pretty cool. sells the bags for $9.99. I bought a lunch box made out of them from London years ago and love it. I have always gotten a ton of comments on it. Anyway, I signed my school up at Terracycle and they sent me out postage paid envelopes. I send 100 rinsed out juice bags at a time. I don't use juice bags for my kids, but I see that a lot of the kids at my school use them. I have been collecting them at school and from friends and family members for a couple of months. I finally decided I needed to send them off. Not really a good idea since my hand is still killing me, but I don't have many days that I am at home so I thought I would get it done. Oh, and having a box overflowing with juice bags didn't really look great sitting on my front porch. Anyway, you just cut a hole in the bottom of the juice bag, rinse it out, pull out the straw and set it aside. I just filled three bags-300 juice bags. If you go to you can see all about it. They also do the same type of things for energy bar wrappers, cork, yogurt containers, cookie bags, and a few other things. Terracycle donates a $.01 or $.02 per pouch, (depending on the brand of juice) to your school or organization or a school in need. I am having ours sent to a school in need. It is really obviously not about the money since it is so little. But it is a great way to keep them out of the landfills and it makes kids more aware. My suggestion is not to let them sit on your front porch for a couple of months before you clean them and send them off. My laundry room is a little stinky right now. I think I will get some kids at school to help me get them ready next time. And maybe not wait until I have collected 300.
I had to take some pain medicine since I have to pay some bills and in order to do the recycling thing. Doing things like folding laundry, dishes, typing... are all painful unless I take medicine. I rarely take medicine, but otherwise I can't get much done. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get another x-ray. It is getting better though and I know it is only going to be fine soon. I have a new respect for disabled people. It takes so long to get even the simplest things done!

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Michelle said...

Damn, you never ever cease to amaze me!!!!

REST, Darnit!!!!!!


~ Michelle