Sunday, January 4, 2009

Art Project With Brayden and Brookelyn

We did a fun art project the other day. Dakota and I bought two really big canvases and a bunch of acrylic paint. We asked Brookelyn and Brayden what colors of paint they wanted on their canvases and where they wanted the paint. From there we just sat and watched them work. It was a little hard for me not to point out empty areas or to give them any instructions about how to do it. They didn't ask for any help, they just went to it. Brookelyn used a paintbrush and her hands and covered most of the area before she said she was finished. Brayden spent a lot of time mixing colors. He took longer to do his piece. It was interesting to watch him because he did some of the mixing of colors on his hand and then would dip the paintbrush onto the paint on his hand and use it. I am glad Dakota was there or I may have asked him if he wanted to work a little longer on his. I am glad that I stayed out of it and let them do what they wanted to do. The only thing we did do was help them each put their handprints on the bottom left of each of their paintings. They were dry in a couple of hours and we put them up in their rooms. Both of them are very happy to have their work on their walls.

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