Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Portraits

I finally got all of my kids in a professional portrait studio. It was a little crazy getting them all fed, dressed, at the studio and willing to get their pictures taken. Sasha warms up to new people slowly, so she wasn't into sitting down and smiling until we were ready to leave. Brayden wouldn't put on nice clothes, but once he was there loved being in the pictures. Colton had forgotton about the appointment and when we got ahold of him to see where he was, his car battery was dead. He found someone to jump it and made it just in time. Dakota had never had her senior pictures taken. She asked me if she could draw a picture of herself for her yearbook. At first I said no, and then I thought about it and realized it should be her decision since it was her yearbook. The picture she drew was really good and looked just like her. But since I didn't have a deadline to get her pictures done, we didn't get around to doing it. So she went first and got hers done. She did it as a favor to me since she didn't see a need to have them. I hadn't taken Sasha's 18 month pictures (she is twenty months now) so she had hers taken. I hadn't had Brookelyn's 3 year old pictures taken either, so she had hers taken. They took a few of Brayden also, which he loved. I will probably bring him back when I get Sasha's 2 year old ones done. Anyway, it was a lot. And it was a hot, hot day. We were there for a long time since once they were taken I had to look through them all and order the ones I wanted. I think they turned out okay, not great, but okay. I probably shouldn't have ordered so many since they werent great. But getting there is a hassle. Next time I will only do one of two at a time.

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Michelle said...

For the love of Christmas, will you all just stop being so darned adorable?????????? LOL!!! I LOVE all the photos!!! Man, your family is attractive. But, so is their momma!!!! :)

~ Michelle & Maelie