Sunday, January 25, 2009

UCLA and Tet

We went up to UCLA with a few parents of the Los Angelos Chapter of Families With Children From Vietnam. I have gone up to most of their gatherings, they seem to always get a good turnout of people, which is great. Ray has been out of town for most of them, but was here this time so we all drove up. We got to UCLA and were able to see some of the show. My girls LOVED the traditional dancing. Both of them ran out into the aisle and started dancing, though Brookleyn told me she was sad that she didn't have a beautiful dress on like the girls who were dancing. Unfortunately, there were a lot of skits put on by the college kids and they didn't hold the kids attention. Sasha, who doesn't usually talk much, chose that time to start babbling. Then she started running up and down the aisle, so we had to leave. I had wanted to stay to see more of the traditional dancing and the dragon, but it was already past 9:00 pm and we couldn't wait any longer. I had planned on bringing the kids up to Fountain Valley today for lunch to see if we could find a parade or show, but I heard it is going to be packed and I don't want to do it on my own with three little ones. Pictures are of us on campus and at dinner nearby.

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