Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Busy

I made a decision to slow down on most of my outside volunteering things for a little while and really focus on my kids. I always feel pulled to help out with others less fortunate, but I do want to spend more time just being with my kids. I am still head of our school's PTA, am in charge of running our jog-a-thon, and just signed up to be the team mom for Brayden's teeball team, but those are all connected with my kids and/or their school. I am also finishing up on a project I started a few weeks ago. I have been part of the local MOMS Club in my area since Brayden was a baby. I have met a lot of great women (fellow moms) that way. I haven't gotten that involved besides getting together at local parks with our kids or things like that. A few months ago I volunteered to be in charge of planning guest speakers for the group. I decided to plan a Preschool Information Night. I called 20 local preschools and asked them to come share information with parents one evening in a room of our public library. I then got ahold of all of our local MOMS Clubs, MOPS groups, meet up groups, local papers and magazines to tell them about the event. Once I saw how many preschools were coming I worked really hard to get the word out about the event to as many parents as I could. It went from being an informative night for a couple of MOMS Clubs into a big event. I have had several preschools, a children's store, and a local magazine call me trying to be included in the event. It will be a lot like a college night where parents go from one table to the next and gather information about the preschools they are interested in. It will be held in a really big room, but I really have no idea how many parents will be there. I hope there will be a lot, but you never know. Of course, the preschool/elementary school my kids attend will be there.
Brayden got sick again. Thursday morning he woke up and said his legs hurt too much to get up. He had a high fever and had it for two days. He and I stayed home and layed on the couch for the next couple of days. Evenings were a a little tricky because I was trying to keep him away from the girls so they wouldn't catch it. He was really miserable for a couple of days and said his whole body hurt. He hates taking medicine, even though he knows he feels better afterwards. I needed to keep giving it to him though, because he was miserable without it. He started feeling better Friday afternoon and so far the girls don't seem to have caught it.
Ray went out of town on a ski trip. He left Friday and is coming back Monday night. He goes on one or two ski trips and one or two golf trips with high school friends every year. I don't mind his going, but it isn't good timing this trip. I have tried to get as much sleep as I can at night since it is just me. I have also had the cough that everyone seems to have that won't go away. So this weekend I have tried to go to bed soon after the kids go to bed so I won't be exhausted. I usually stay up really late cleaning and doing paperwork, so the house is kind of messy and paperwork seems to be everywhere.
I signed Brayden up for basketball and baseball. The basketball is just through our local recreation center and will only be every Friday evening for seven weeks. It looks like it will be run by volunteers and will be organized chaos. Brayden has been dribbling since before he turned two and likes to make baskets in the little on we have at home, so that should be fun. I signed him up for baseball (little league) because it is real beginning baseball. He was on a team last year through the rec center and didn't want to play after a couple of times. He could tell it wasn't real baseball, it was just a bunch of little kids running around. I know Little League is more organized and the kids actually learn how to play. I signed up to be the team mom, but had no idea how much was involved. I was team mom for Colton's baseball team years ago and it definitely wasn't this time consuming. I'm sure it will be fun though. The hard thing will be watching the practices and games while watching Sasha and Brookelyn.
I had signed up to go to a snow day on Saturday. A ton of snow is brought to a nearby park every year and people buy tickets to go sledding. It was supposed to be cancelled if it rained, which it did. I was actually very happy to see the rain because I wasn't really excited to get out all of the kids snow gear and bring them. Well, I found out they were holding it anyway, so we went. Brayden was fine and all of the kids needed to get out of the house. I couldn't have done it without Colton, who didn't want to go either. It stopped raining right before we left and I figured we would stay until it started raining again. I picked up two of my nieces and we went to the park. It actually turned out to be a nice day and the kids had fun. Sasha and Brookelyn loved the snow. There was an area where little kids could play and they loved it. Colton showed them how to pick up snow and throw it at people and they had fun doing that. We went sledding, ate lunch, played in the snow and then waited in line for balloons. The litle girls couldn't go sledding so I stayed with them in the snow area while Brayden went sledding with Colton and their cousins. The balloon line was really long, but the guy who made them did an amazing job. Watching him make them was pretty entertaining. We were exhausted when we got home. Since we had been gone during the regular nap times, all of the kids took late naps. Which is never good. Yesterday was no exception. Brookelyn never fell asleep and was actually really happy, which was great. Sasha and Brayden both were reallllllly cranky when they woke up and stayed that way for a couple of hours. I put them in the tub earlier than usual and that got them out of their bad moods. Sasha and Brookelyn went to bed and then Brayden, Colton and I watched 'Cars' for movie night. Every Saturday night Brayden and I watch a movie together. I tried to stay up and watch tv with Colton after Brayden went to bed but I fell asleep within minutes.

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