Monday, July 21, 2008

Heather's pictures

Sasha will NEVER look at me when I try to take pictures of her. I am not eggagerating, she refuses to look at the camera. I almost have to trick her to do it. Plus, my camera seems to take the picture a second after a good shot. My eleven year old niece too these pictures a couple of days ago. She is now our official photographer. She also happens to be one of the nicest, sweetest and most helpful people I have ever met. My kids love when she and her two sisters come over. It doesn't matter what we do, it's just more fun with them around.
A couple of the pictures are of Sasha in our new playhouse. We now have two in our backyard. Ray doesn't know why we needed another one, but look how much fun the girls are having!!!

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Michelle said...

What great photos!!!! Good job, Heather!!

~ Michelle