Friday, July 11, 2008

New Teeth

Sasha has had only four teeth for months and months, but she finally got two more on the top two days ago! The only way we really knew was that she starting putting my fingers in her mouth and then biting down! Ouch! After the second or third time I looked in her mouth and saw a new tooth breaking through. She seems to have a high tolerance for pain so other than that she acted the same.
We have had a really rough week. My son is taking a class for two hours in the middle of the day, so right in the middle of her nap time. If someone else is home I can leave her in bed and drop him off or pick him up. Since I really can only get things done when she is asleep, I lose all of most of that time. If no one else is home I have to wake her up early and bring her with me. Her naps are much shorter than and she is harder the rest of the day. He only has one more week to go and then hopefully we can get back to normal naptimes. I really need her to nap since she is ALWAYS attached to me or within a few feet. I am not eggagerating-she freaks out if I walk across the room or out of the room. If I don't want her to scream I have to pick her up and bring her into the next room with me. It definitely wears on my by the end of the day, but I know she will get over it as she matures.
I have been trying to get more involved with the local mom's club I am part of so I have been going to a lot more functions. We went to the park twice this week with other mothers. It is pretty fun except a lot of other moms can talk, but I have to really be aware since I have three kids four and under. I am constantly counting them while we are out. Brayden is old enough and coordinated enough that I don't have to worry about him on the play equiptment. But Brookelyn and Sasha are always trying things they aren't ready for. Sasha loves climbing up and going down slides! She pretty much likes everything except swings. None of my little ones like the swings. Anyway, it's great being outside and watching them play.
Another thing all of the little ones love is swimming. At the beginning of the summer I was keeping them all with me in the little pool if I was by myself. Then one day we went with friends who had older kids and we went into the big pool. Now none of them want to spend much time in the little pool. Even Sasha will get out of it after a few minutes and point to the big pool. If I don't get out and bring her in it she will just stand there (on the hot cement) and keep pointing to it. Once we get in, she likes being held for a little while and then she starts trying to get to the edge of the pool. She loves holding onto my hands and jumping into the water from the edge. From then on until we leave she wants to jump from the side. Brookelyn is pretty much the same. She might last longer in the baby pool if the other two weren't there though. She is usually pretty laid back and will play wherever we are. Brayden wants to jump off the side and swim to me. He can swim about ten feet or so right now. I haven't put water wings on any of them yet, I just manage by holding them and having them take turns. I only take two at a time now that they want to be in the bigger pool. It's great that they like swimming so much! I am bringing Brayden to start swimming lessons next week. He will be great-he is really good at all phsyical things. He went on a scooter for the first time on the 4th of July and a couple of hours later he wanted to try doing jumps. We bought him his own scooter the next day and he rides it whenever anyone will bring him out. Ray took the training wheels off of his bike a couple of days after he rode on the scooter and he learned how to ride it within a couple of minutes. It sounds great, but it also means he does a lot of things he isn't ready to do. Like doing jumps on a scooter. He just turned four in Feb, so he has some time before he is ready to do jumps and tricks.


Catherine said...

Skip the water wings and get those Speedo suits that you can put the inflatables in....Isabella tried hers out 4 times and is not swimming on her own!! It is such a break from me-I have to stay near her but she is pretty independent now. I found one at
I am sure you can find it cheaper on another site but that is what it looks like. The neat thing about them is in a year or two, you take the flotation devices out and they start swimming on their own!!!

Catherine said...

If you didn't get that for SPEEDO GIRL FLOTATION SUIT :)