Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Stuff

We have been having a fun summer, but I cannot wait for the relaxing part of summer to kick in. Today is the last day that I have to drop off and pick up my son from school, which will really help since it is right during nap time. Sasha's nap time is the only real time I ever get anything of value done in my house paperwork wise. I signed Brayden up for swim lessons once a week that started on Tuesday. Brayden is one of those people who are good at every sport without really trying. He is a good swimmer for the amount of time he has done it. Next year I am going to sign him up to be on our local swim team. My older children did it for seven years and are great swimmers now. I wanted to sign him up for it this year but I was worried about chasing Sasha and Brookelyn around during the practices.
I went to the pool the other day with all five of my children and we had a great time. The older ones took turns with me holding the younger ones, which was great. Brayden likes to jump off the side and swim as far as he can, Brookelyn likes to jump off the side to someone who is standing close and she also likes going under the water with someone for a few seconds at a time, and Sasha likes to jump off of the side while holding someone's hands. All fun. We stayed for a couple of ours and then went out for frozen yogurt. I would do it more often, but it's hard to get the older ones to go to the pool with us.
I brought the three little ones to the park yesterday with my eleven year old niece. I cannot believe I didn't have my camera! Sasha is a little climber!!! She likes the climbing structure and slides for the toddlers, but would really rather be on the bigger, more challenging structure. She climbed right up to the top of the ladder of this really high slide and would have gone down herself if I would have let her. I sat her on my lap and we went down together and then she climbed back up again. I was kind of hoping to do a little sitting down and relaxing while I watched them play. I have a feeling I won't be able to do that for a couple more years. Sasha is just too daring.
I brought Sasha and Brookelyn to a gymnastics class the other day. Sasha is a lot like Bradyen. They are both very coordinated and like to climb and do things that are a little risky. I decided when he was younger to sign him up for gymnastics so he could learn how to be in control of his body. He really liked it and was really good at it. Brookelyn really like the gymnastics class when was in too. I was planning to have her continue with it, but she was in a younger group where I had to be in the class with her and I couldn't do that once we had Sasha. Well, Brookelyn did a great job listening to the teacher yesterday and did everything she was supposed to do. She really liked it. Sasha wanted to do her own thing and didn't really love the class. I think I will try to find classes for them in the fall.
My sister and her husband bought a RV a few weeks ago. I asked them to bring it over one night and we all slept in it. It was me, Brayden, and my three nieces. It was a lot of fun and I want to do it again a couple of times before the end of the summer. It is a good chance for me to sit down and spend time playing games and talking with my nieces. Otherwise, too much time goes by without me spending time with them.

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