Friday, July 18, 2008

School for Sasha and Brookelyn

Sasha is going to start going to school at the I worked at for years and now am the head of the PTO for. She will only be going three days a week for a few hours at a time. Just enough time for me to spend some time working at my husband's office as well as running errands. I love her teacher. She is very sweet and loving and so is the assistant teacher. I have known both of them for years, so I feel good about who she will be with. The classroom is right next to Brookelyn's so we see the teachers a lot. We visited one day last week and she loved it. She kept looking at me and pointing to things around the classroom as she moved from one thing to the next. I left her on her own today to get used to the classroom and to get used to being there without me. I would have liked to have her visit a couple of more times with me going with her, but I needed to look at preschool classrooms to chose one for Brookelyn. She is in a classroom for two year olds now. I was pretty stressed about making the decision. Since her birthday is at the end of November, she will be in the classroom for three years. I know all of the teachers, the problem was picking the best one. I like each one for different reasons. They were kind of putting pressure on me to chose since the classes are filling up. I was planning to sit in a few of the classrooms to get a feel of how Brookelyn would fit in. I had tried to do it last week with Sasha, but she was all over the classroom right away and I couldn't concentrate. So today was the day. Luckily, when I went in they told me that a teacher who used to work at the school when I was there was coming back in the fall. I love her classroom and it will be perfect for Brookelyn and Sasha too, when it is her turn to move to preschool. Yeah! Instead of sitting in the classrooms I sat in the office and filled out paperwork for Sasha. It turns out that she cried for over 45 minutes and then settled down. I left her there for about an hour. She was not crying when I walked in, but she hugged me and let out that sound hey make when they are finally calming down. Like a deep, ragged sigh. Poor thing. I was a little sick and teary eyed about leaving her because I knew it would be hard for her, but it will be a good thing once she gets used to it. I was so happy to go get her and was surprised how hard it was on me to leave her. I was so grateful to have her back with me!

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