Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today was amazing! I wasn't feeling well last night and didn't really start feeling better until about 4:00 am today. And I have been waking up at 3:0 am or so every morning since we arrived. So waking up and being downstairs at 5:30 am was not hard at all. Kenny and kim had come up to our room last night to let us know when they would pick us up today. At first we planned to bring all of the boxes with donations to the orphanage with us today. We had gone out yesterday and bought a lot of diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, baby soap, and three Harry Potter series (written in Vietnamese) as well as a lot of books for the babies and some other books about Vietnamese fairy tales. Anyway, Kenny called us late last night to tell us he had called the director of the orphanage to tell him about our donations. The director asked if we could bring them another day since the children were going on a picnic today. So we just brought the baby clothes and blankets and left the things for the older children in our room. Ray is going to drive up with Kenny tomorrow and bring the boxes and books to the children. As prety as that drive was, I don't need to do it two days in a row.
So we drove over to the Hgoc Ngoc and picked up Angela and James, a really nice couple who were adopting their son George. We had a nice trip up. I think it is about three and a half hours. Once there, Kenny brought us into a large room and told us that our babies would be brought in to us. I don't know how much time went by, five or ten minutes. And then I turned around and a woman was holding this tiny, sweet baby who was looking right at us with an interested look on her face. I went up and took her and she just looked at me with a sweet look. She was soooo light and small! We asked her caregiver a bunch of questions and tried to listen and remember, but it was hard. Angela and James' caregiver bought in their sweet boy and there was a lot to take in at once. We stayed in the room for a long time (I have no idea how long really) then Kenny told us we had to go to the Justice Dept to have an interview. The caregivers took the babies back (which we were not expecting) and we piled back into the van for a two minute drive up the street. Each family met with a woman from the Justice Department and then we waited for the G & R. We were waiting for the official from the province and the director from LAng Son. After 45 minutes or so the caregivers brought our babies in and handed them to us. Ech of them had had their clothes changed. Our little girl had on clothes that we had sent in one of her care packages and they had also brought along the rest of that care package with everything else in it (and unworn). We had our G & R and then loadedback into the van and returned back to Hanoi. We did stop and have the babies' passport pictures taken. The guys are meeting with Kenny tomorrow morning to make appointments for something important. Again, too much going on for me to retain it all.
We came back to our hotel and washed her up a little and put on fresh clothes. She slept almost the whole way home. I fed her a bottle (she took a playtex bottle easily once I heated it up)and we headed off to a nearby SOS clinic. She sounded like she might have an upper respitary infection and we wanted to check to make sure she didn't have lice or scabies. The doctor said she looked great. She seemed to have the end of a cold and a little heat rash, but otherwise looked great.
We qwent out to dinner with friends and she really seemed to enjoy being out. She fell asleep around 7:45 pm and is still out. Ray passed out moments later and I should turn in too.
I am amazed at how incredible this all is. She is really amazingly cute and has this sweetness to her. I cannot believe how much I love her already!
If you are wondering why I haven't written her name it is because my husband has mentioned one or two others today. I know what I want and pretty much decided about a month ago. I'll post the final name as soon as we are positive.


Jeff said...

I came across your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. We are #1 and hope to get our girl very soon. How old is your daughter?

Dawn said...

She is beautiful!!!

Mary said...

Oh my God, she is beautiful! I canont wait to hear her name.

Mary (Ernabel on the WCYahoo Group)

Awaitingvictoria said...

Stacey...She is so beautiful. We are sooo happy for you all. Hope your stay goes without hitches and soon you will bring your daughter home.

Heather said...

She is absolutely precious and perfect. What a lucky Mommy and Daddy.

Enjoy every moment of your Journey.


Karen said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations! They told us that our son slept through the night too. LOL! He never did while in VN and has only now started trying too.
Love her name!