Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, Sept 25

This morning the Somerset hosted a Mid Autumn Festival celebration for the children at the hotel and the children who attend the international school located on the 3rd floor. It was great. Very colorful and the children enjoyed it. Many of them were wearing store bought masks and some of the girls wore butterfly wings and antennea. Many of the classes had made different types of lanterns out on constuction paper. We all sat down on the tennis courts on the 4th floor and watched the performance. It got pretty windy and looked like it was about to rain so the teachers decided to have the children have their parade inside the building instead of outside.
We all met at 1:00 to go over to the U.S.Embassy for the first interview. It didn't take that ong considering it is a federal office. Afterwards a few families made plans to go out to dinner. We took Nicole's suggestion and decided to meet downstairs at 5:00 to go to Green Tangerine (48 Hang Be). It is a really pretty restaurant and the food was great. The only thing is that it took a REALLY LONG time to get the food. Several of us ordered the Vietnamese special and it comes with several courses. It ook a long time between each one. But the food was good and we enjoyed getting a chance to sit and talk with eachother. Most of us are sick with colds or various things like it. Most of the babies have colds as well. All seven babies did really well for how long we were there. I had several dishes including scallops, beef and rice, egg rolls, and a banana dessert for $17 American dollars. Definitely worth it.

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Cool beans on a festival out on a tennis court.