Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, Sept 24

Ray and I did a few errands today trying to get a few things done before he left for home. We ran up and exchanged quilts at Vietnam Quilts, went to the bank and bought a duffel bag at a store by the lake. We bought a nice duffel bag (I forgot the brand name and don't know if it was a rip off, but it looked nice and seemed to be good quality) and a small North Face backpack for $24. Again, back pack might not be North Face, but it is good quality and I really like it. I needed it to use as a diaper bag for the next week and a half or so. I can wear that and have Sasha in a front pack or sling. We had a 1:30 appointment at the Embassy. There were several families there with the agency PLAN. About eight families. CUTE BABIES! We didn't wait that long and the meeting or appointment was only about five minutes long. He asked us simple questions like what was our referral date, what did we think of the orphanage, were the people in country with our agency helpful, did the director or anyone else at the orphanage ask for money or anything else, did we see any other chidlren, how many were in our group...easy questions, nice man. He said they would send the paperwork to HCMC who would contact them to set up the next appointment. He said it usually took 4-6 business days. I was hoping they would see that we were nice people and say forget about the next appointment and hand us her visa. Didn't happen. Oh well.
So Ray left at 4:00 pm for the airport. I wish he could have stayed because we finally have nothing to do but relax until Thursday when we have the SOS appoinment. We never can relax at home so it would have been nice. I don't know if we know how to relax, we always have so many things going on at home, with friends, or with work. But he needs to go home and get back to work and to take care of our kids. I'm sure my mom, sister, and older children are ready to have him take over!
I went down to the store and bought some groceries. I bought pasta, spaghetti sauce, cookies, a large water bottles, microwave popcorn, peanut butter, jelly and a loaf of bread for about $14. I had peanut butter and jelly toast for dinner and it was wonderful! The restaurant stays open until 12:00 and they told me they do room service. Wow! I'll be using that. I just felt like pb & j tonight. Sasha and I enjoyed walking around the hotel instead of going out tonight. Tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival and it was crowded outside. It also started raining a little, which was nice. When we finished shopping we came home, played for a while, I gave her a bath, a bottle and she went to sleep. She is such a sweet baby! She has calmly gone whereever we wanted to go and been peaceful and sweetnatured through it all. We know how lucky we are!


Dawn said...

How sweet! I am glad that you are settling comfortably now that your husband has come home. I give you SO much credit for finishing the process SOLO.

Cathy said...

I have been following your trip, and I can not wait until it is our turn. How old is Sasha now?
Good luck with the rest of your trip flying solo.

Cathy, PAP