Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, Sept 22

We moved out of the Melia today and moved over to the Somerset. It's about a five minute walk away. Maybe less. We were sorry to leave the Melia because it is so nice and we had just really walked around and seen how nice it was last night. The pool area is really nice and so are the hot tub/relaxation/massage areas. We sat down in the bar/lobby downstairs and listened to the band for a little while. It was nice. So today we moved to the Somerset and wound up really liking it. We have a two bedroom suite that has two bathrooms and a kitchen. We like the family room area as well. We are sorry that we didn't move over sooner. The Melia is nice, but this place is more family friendly for a long term stay. We had lunch at Jaspas, the resteraunt here, and liked it. We ran into a couple from another agency who we had met on the plane ride over here. After lunch we ran into another couple fromour agency (Julie and Steve) with their two boys and two new little girls. We went to the Museum of Ethnology in the afternoon and enjoyed it. It was very interesting. I am sure that there is always something going on there, but it was pretty busy outside. They were celebrating Autumn Festival. A lot of young families and teenagers were outside on the grounds doing various arts and crafts in the different booths. We came home and relaxed for a while. Sasha took a long nap. We decided to go to Bobby Chins for dinner, but when we got there we realized we weren't that hungry so we walked around the lake for a while then took a taxi home. I gave Sasha her first bath in the sink. Before this I had just given her sponge baths. I didn't know if it would scare her and so I decided to wait. She seemed to like it. She smiled at me a few times and never cried. She even let me rinse her hair without getting upset. I put her pjs on and she fell asleep pretty soon after that.


Karin said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog! congratulations!!!! :) We're waiting on our referrals (boy & girl) through WC. IF you have the time while you're there & you wouldn't mind.... I would LOVE to know if the playground and "playroom" at the Somerset are nice. We'll be traveling with our 3-year-old and I've searched all over online to find a pic of those to see if they're decent, but can't find anything. Anyway....if you think of it, have time, etc.... I'd REALLy appreciate it!!!! ;) Can't wait to read more of your trip!!!! This is GREAT!!!! :) Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

Karen said...

She really is a beauty! Congratulations! Hope your paperwork speeds through!

Anonymous said...

Cute face.

Bobby Chins is great. I love the mac and cheese there.