Friday, September 21, 2007

Sasha doesn't care for congee

We had another busy day. Sasha sleeps well but does wake up two or three times to take a few ounces of a bottle. I didn't sleep well because every time she stirred I thought she was waking up and got ready to make her a bottle. She likes it REALLY warm so I have been warming it up with the water from the tea kettle. Once I am up is has been hard for me to go back to sleep. She drink her bottle at tnight and then goes right back to sleep. In the morning the three of us went down to breakfast together for the first time. One fo the ladies in the dining room quickly smiled and took Sasha from me. I wasn't planning on it but I saw that she wanted to hold her and walked around showing her to the other waiters and employees in the hotel. Sasha was fine with it. I ate and then took Sasha back so I could try to feed her solid food. I tried to feed her congee but she did not like it at all. The pictures of me feeding her congee. I don't think she let any of it go down it all went onto her bib. I also tried plain yogurt and she was horrified. I will try the food I gave her last night again later. I just thought she probably had been given congee a lot. I could tell she has been fed before because she opened her mouth right away when I put a spoon up to it.
After lunch we went to the Vietnam Quilt store again and bought more quilts. They are such great quality, a great price and for such a good cause. We bought one for our bed, one for Sasha, and two for gifts. We also bought a few more pillows. They have a lot of Christmas placemats and runners that aren't advertised on their web page. We spent a long time there deciding which things to buy and talking to the woman, Sue, who volunteers there. We then went over and bought a stroller for $23. Not a lot of bargaining. We also bought a couple outfits for Sasha and Brookleyn. We were thinking about heading to HCMC for a couple of days since we don't have anything adoption related to do until Tuesday, but we found out Sasha needs ID to travel on a plane and we don't have any. I am glad though, I just want to stay around here and hold her. I have taken turns between using a front pack and hotsling. I like both. I am more comfortable with the front pack right now.

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