Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday's Visit to Lang Son

We received paperwork giving us information about where Sasha was found in Lang Son, so we had a van take us up there again today. It was only $80, which is a great price since it is about three hours away. There was a driver and a woman interpreter who actually helped out a lot by finding the right place. It was even prettier than when we went the other day to get Sasha. It is so green and lush. As soon as you leave Hanoi it gets prettier and as you head up towards Lang Son it gets really nice. It is a very poor area though. It was a nice drive there and we took a lot of pictures when we got to where we wanted to go, but the way back was l-o-n-g. Our driver went so slow that everyone passed us. We didn't mind as much on the way there, but on the way back we had been in the car too long. We stopped on the way back for something to eat. They had asked us if we wanted to stop and we said okay as long as it was at a hotel or big resteraunt. Well, we stopped at a place along the side of the road. It was buy, there were probably twenty or thirty people there inside and out, but we just drank Cokes. Why? Because in the case you look at to chose dinner our options were cow tongue, cow brain, some kind of big fish, cow intestines and other internal organs. It was interesting to people watch though. We were gone for about seven hours altogether. We are really glad we went though, we got a lot of good pictures.
I was worried about Sasha the last few days. She would only drink about two ounces at a time and would go a long time (sometimes five hours) before I could get her to take more. We heated it up like we knew she was used to, she would just loose interest after a couple of ounces. She is pretty tiny, three month clothes fit her and the six month size I have to roll up. So she doesn't have any chub to spare. I started writing down how much she ate and the time as well as how often she slept starting yesterday. She might have slept through the night last night but she started tossing at some point so I made her a bottle. I finally woke her up so I could feed her and go back to sleep. Anyway, I started writing it down and then we went on our trip. I had brought four four once bottles. All she did on the trip was sleep and eat. In those seven hours we were gone she drank all four bottles and then had another as soon as we got back to our room! She had that bottle and one more before I put her to bed around 8:30 pm. WOW! I guess I don't have to worry anymore. I will keep an eye on it for the next few days to make sure she doesn't go back. She was 12 1/2 pounds adn almost 26 inches when we brought her to the SOS clinic the first day. We know she has grown. She also smiles much more easily and quickly. We have noticed that she has started preferring me over Ray the last two days. I wasn't sure at first and thought I may just be hoping she was attaching to me, but she really has started looking around for me if he has her and tonigt she reached out for me when he was holding her. I just want her to start attaching and am very happy she is attaching to me! Ray goes home tomorrow afternoon, so I have to go so we can start packing.

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happydaffodil said...

Stacey, thank you so much for your blog. I can't even begin to express how much it helps us 'WC waiting families'! Your little princess is absolutely beautiful!

All the best,