Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Face painting

Brayden's last day of soccer was Saturday, so there was a big party at the park. We waited for about 40 minutes in a long line on a very hot day to get their faces painted. It was worth it. The kid's faces looked great. I had them put little flowers on Sasha since I didn't think she would sit still long enough to get her face painted. She liked the flowers. I brought all three out to lunch with me while Ray did some work around the house later. Right before we got out of the car Brayden started cleaning off his face with some wipes. He said he didn't want to scare anyone at the restaurant. Brookelyn had to clean her face up too since Brayden did his. Instead of kids with neat face painting on them, I had kids with badly smeared paint all over their faces, arms and hands. They didn't really get totally clean until bath time before bed.

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