Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inside pictures

I know we have a lot of nuetral colors in the house. I wish I was good with decorating, but I'm not, so I just go with what makes me comfortable. Warm colors. I still have to buy a new comforter, the one we have is from Vietnam Quilts. I love it, but it is small for our bed and we need a prettier one. Easier said than done, I have no time to look for a comforter. I didn't take pictures of Brayden's room, Colton's room or Dakota's room. We still have to hang up a couple of pitures in Brayden's room, I couldn't get a good angle to take a picture of Colton's room, and Dakota's room still needs to be painted. We let her do whatever she wanted in there so she did a lot of drawing and panting on the walls. I plan on painting it a grey/blue. I took a color sample from Restoration Hardware yesterday. We also have an office/library but that is the messiest room in the house. I spent today going though paperwork for all five kids. I bought five 2" binders and sheet protecters and then spent the day sorting getting them together. Now each one has a binder of things I have saved for them over the years (report cards, birth certificate, doctors notes for apointments, various certificates, a few papers they have written...Tonight after I made the kid's dinner, Colton and I went to College Night at his school while Ray stayed home with the little ones. I won't go into detail about what this place looks like, but I will say that from where I am right now I can see that every single toy was dumped out of the toy bin and not cleaned up.

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Helen said...

The baby room is precious!

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