Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had a great Halloween. Brayden was Superman, Brookelyn was a pink fairy princess (emphasis on pink) and Sasha was a cowgirl. Actually, Brookelyn started out at My Little Pony, but took it off outside before she got into the car. Luckily, I had kind of expected that and had brought her other costume with us. Sasha was a ballerina in the morning at school. It was a little cool in the evening, so she wore a cowgirl outfit so she could wear long sleeves. There was a parade at school in the morning and then we went trick or treating with both of my sisers and their famlies. I think there were twelve kids and five adults in our group. Brayden and Brookelyn loved it. Sasha liked being part of the group and eating the candy, but really didn't want to go up and trick or treat. We did it at a few houses and then just carried her around. She loved being with all of the kids, but there were a lot of scarey costumes so she held on tight to us. I normally don't give my kids much candy, but I let them eat whatever they wanted on Halloween. They kept finding candy all weekend, so I gathered it up on Sunday night and told them they had eaten it all. Luckily, they haven't asked again since.
Dakota came home to ceebrate the holiday with us, which was great. Even Colton walked around with us as the kids trick or treated. It was really nice to have them both there with the little ones. All three little ones spent every moment they could on Dakota's lap for the entire weekend. She loved it and so did they.

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