Wednesday, November 12, 2008

House pictures

I finally took pictures of the house. It looks really good-that is, if you see it immediately after the cleaning people have been here. I mean immediately. Within a few hours someone has spilled something on the floor, toys are scattered and STUFF is everywhere. Luchboxes, paperwork, toys...I try to clean as I go and I always clean up before I go to bed so I can start the day with a clean house (I am a little weird about it), but it really is amazing how fast we can trash it. Oh well, I do like seeing the matchbox cars, little shoes and toys. I know this stage won't last long...If you look at the land right behind our house you can see a lot of stakes. They just planted a bunch of little trees since all the ones that were there before had been burned by the big fire last fall. It is really starting to fill in, but a big hill next to it is still pretty barren. I remember both hills being full of huge flames when we were packing up our things to go.

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