Saturday, March 8, 2008

David's birthday

I called my husband after Sasha took her two steps yesterday and told him about it. We had had a bet about which day she would do it on since we knew it would be soon. He had said on the fourth and I had said on the 8th (today). When I called Ray yesterday (he was at work) he said it didn't count since he wasn't there to see it too. Well, she did it in front of Ray, Brayden, Brookelyn and myself this morning after breakfast. She took one step and then a minute or so later, she took another. She seems to be getting the idea.
We had a crazy day today. I took all three little ones to my older son's track and field meet. I had to leave my stroller a LONG way away from where the shotput area was and carry Brookelyn and Sasha while trying to get Brayden to walk close to me instead of running ahead. Sasha is about 16 pounds and Brookelyn is just over 27 pounds. That is a lot of weight to carry around on a hot day. I had gotten there late since I was picking my son up and going to the local zoo afterwards. He has a photography assignment for school and needs to take pictures of animals. We watched the kids throw the shotput for a while and then left. The zoo was pretty fun. As I said, it was a beautiful day and it was nice just to be outside. I hadn't been to that zoo in a few years and it is perfect for little kids. The San Diego Zoo is great, but it is pretty big and has a lot of hills. It's a workout with a double stroller. I used to go there a lot when I lived in San Diego. My son went off and took his pictures and the little kids and I walked around and saw various animals and then wound up in the playground area. By the time we left Sasha had no pants on (her diaper had leaked and I hadn't put any extra pants in the stroller), Brookleyn's face was streaked with dirt and all three of them were covered with sand. I had put Sasha down in the playground and she had sat there picking up sand and then watching it fall out of her fingers. She did it again and again and was mesmerized by it. It was great to be sitting there watching them all enjoy themselves outside.
I had hoped to come home to a cleaner house since my husband had stayed home to work on a couple of projects. Nope. House was not even a TINY BIT cleaner. He had hurt himself while working in our master bathroom and so hadn't gotten much done. I want our bathroom to be finished! Ray is okay and he did get whatever it was done so once the shower gets hotmopped we can get the tiling started.
I forgot to write that all three of the families who were in Vietnam at the same time as Sasha and I were there now have there little girls home! It is just amazingly sad that it took so long, but they are home now, so it ended well. I feel a huge sense of relief since I know it just as easily could have been Sasha who couldn't come home. I liked all of the families and was so sad to know they were going through such a nightmare. Julie came home a couple of weeks ago and Maddy and Eden came home last week! Welcome home!
I happened to be reading a blog about a family who is in Vietnam right now (Sue) getting their adorable baby girl. They mentioned going to Highland's Coffee. I got a mental image of the Highland's coffee shop I had gone to several times and then didn't think any more about it. About ten minutes later I was in my car going to pick my daughter up from school and I had a craving for an Innocent Passion and french fries. WHAT??!! I haven't thought of them for months! The problem is, I am still craving them! I ordered them once on the suggestion of Isabella's mom's blog. I actually only kind of liked the Innocent Passion at first. Until it was gone and I already wanted another. And I never crave fries. Weird. And now I really want them both. I wonder if they have Highland's Coffee in the US?

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