Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thursday, March 13th

We went to another doctor appointment for Sasha. She needed another set of immunizations and I wanted to see the doctor to ask about a couple of things. Sasha was even lower on the chart (under 5%) than she had been six weeks before. I guess that is just going to be her body type because that girl can eat! I don't have the paperwork now so I'll have to add it later about what she weighs and how long she is. It turned out that she had an ear infection, which I hadn't known. She had been a little on the fussy side the last couple of days but we thought it was because we had people working in our house and it was throwing us all off. The doctor put her on amoxicillan. Sasha usually likes people and doesn't mind them touching her as long as I am holding her, but she wasn't too thrilled with her doctor. She is actually a really nice lady, but Sasha wanted nothing to do with her.
After we left I realized that I didn't have my phone. I always carry it with me so my kids (or someone from their schools) can get ahold of me if they need to. I had it when I was in the waiting room so I looked there and remembered a semi unsavory guy who was the only other person in the waiting room at the same time as I was there. I had noticed him and thought it was unusual for a man to be sitting alone in the waiting room in the pediatric area. Anyway, I knew right away I wasn't going to be able to get my phone back but I asked several employees while I waited for Sasha's prescription to be filled. I had to spend the next two days without a phone, which is a bummer since I am in the car a lot and couldn't really be reached if my kids needed me. I got anew phone but lost all of the old numbers. I had never thought to write them down so it wil take me awhile to get it back to normal.
It was actually a lot harder than I thought to lose that phone-I had no idea how much I used it. Also, it was at the end of a hard week. We haven't had a master bathroom since the day after Christmas when my husband had it demo-ed so we could redo the tile work on the floor and in the shower as well as replace the tub. We finally had a new tub put in (the first tub was the wrong one and the three or four after that were chipped or cracked when we got them) and the tilers came this week. We have had a lot of people working in the house since we bought it a few years back. We pretty much gutted it and started over. But these guys were the loudest of any of them. They were banging and clattering and pounding like crazy. And that was just when they were prepping the walls. I kept hearing a loud thud and someone racing down the stairs. I kept asking someone to ask me to call 911. It was bad. Usually I would run errands and keep out of the house but my husband really wanted me to keep checking on the work so it would come out right. Nice. They got to our house at 8:30 am every morning and left about 7:00 pm in the evening. My house was covered with powder by the end of the week! I don't mean a little, I mean the entire downstairs was covered in it so badly that even the guy in charge was shocked and offered to pay for a cleaning service. I tried to clean it myself but it was too much. We ate out every night and limped along until they finished. Actually, they ran out of material so they aren't quite finished and have to come back when the tile comes in. So we still have no shower or bath and the double vanity is in our bedroom next to our bed and the toilet. Once we finish this bathroom we are having the kids bathroom redone. Anyway...I can see the end is in sight and it will look good when it is finished. The people who did the work after we bought the house didn't put in green backer board so sometimes the water would go through the wall of the shower and drip from the light fixtures into our kitchen sink. So we clearly needed this work done. Legally, we needed to do it before we sell the house. Not that we are thinking about it right now, but we figured we should go ahead and do it.

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