Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sasha took twelve steps!

We went to the park today and had a great time. We brought Brayden's new bike (with training wheels) and he rode it for a long time. Sasha still has a cold and is pretty miserable so she wanted me to hold her the whole time. She sat in a swing for a minute, but didn't like it. Brookelyn walked around and played at the playground the whole time. Ray pitched balls to Brayden for a while. Brayden is really good at hitting them. He has great hand eye coordination. He is supposed to start t ball next weekend, which will be fun.
After we came back from the park we put the kids in bathing suits and let them run in the sprinklers in the front yard for awhile and then eat popsicles. After a shower we sat down on the floor inside and tried to get Sasha to take a few steps. If we just try to get her to stand up she turns into jello. But if we had her something to hold she will stand up. That is a new thing. Usually she stands up on her own a lot. Early in the day she had taken a step that only Brayden had seen her take. Most of the day Mommy was holding her since she wasn't feeling well. So we gave her a toy, stood her up and watched her take a few steps. At first she took one and then two and then four and then six. We kept getting her to stand up and eventually she took twleve! She would take one or two or three at a time, but she took twleve altogether before she fell down. She smiles when she does it. She actually kind of half walks half runs, so she would do better if she slowed down. How funny to see such a little girl taking steps. She still fits into her Carter's footie pajamas that are size six months.

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