Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Bunny Pictures

I realized the other day that we still had to make a trip to see the Easter Bunny and have pictures taken. We went to a small local mall that not many people go to. There weren't many people at the mall but those who were there were in line to see the Easter Bunny. I had brought Dakota along with me to help with the little ones just in case there was a line so that was good. Brookelyn loved looking at the bunny as we waited in line and had fun waving at him and laughed when he waived back at her. Until we got within a few feet of him and she wasn't having anything to do with him. I bribed Brayden (with a piece of candy) to stand next to him and sat Sasha on one of his knees. I asked Dakota to put Brookelyn on his other knee and was planning to take a few pictures of my own as well as what the photo guy took. Well, Brookelyn wouldn't let go of Dakota so it wound up just being Sasha and Brayden in this picture. We are going to a picnic this weekend where there will be another bunny so maybe that will work out better. It is a cute picture though. I took a few other pictures while we were waiting for our turn.


Catherine said...

What gorgeous kids :) I am shocked Sasha would sit on the Bunny's lap. When we walk into the mall, Isabella immediately starts to freak and say, "No bunny, no bunny". I love the girls' red shoes! Where did you get them?

Michelle said...

ALL your kids are soooooooo adorable. You have such a pretty, pretty family!!!!!!

Hugs to you all!

~ Michelle Z