Friday, March 7, 2008

Pictures of Sasha and Brookelyn

It's hard to get pictures of Sasha lately because she is always moving quickly. She doesn't sit still for a minute. Here are a few of the girls playing the other day. Sasha can get out of the walker so I only use it when I am right next to her. But sometimes I use it to keep her off of the floor if I need to vacuum it before she crawls around or if I am giving her a snack while I am getting dinner ready. She is able to wriggle out of the belts of her high chair so I can't use that unless I am sitting there with her the whole time. Anyway, Brookleyn likes to stand on the back of the walker and have Sasha give her a ride on it. They both seem to like it.


Catherine said...

What adorable little girls :) They must be so much fun!!!

Happy Mama said...

Every time when I see Sasha's picture, I want to adopt a kid as well. She is so lovely! My daughter is 11 days younger than her, I hope one day I we can meet you somewhere.