Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First T-ball Game Saturday, March 15

We signed Brayden up for AYSO soccer for the fall and then headed to his first Itty Bitty t-ball game. He doesn't want us to call it t-ball and corrects us whenever we slip and say it. He want us to just call it baseball. I don't know it that is because his older cousins play baseball or if he has just heard his brother talking about it. He has been able to hit a ball when it is pitched to him for several months so he is ready for more than t-ball. But he just turned four so he will have to wait. He is one of those kids who has natural athletic ability and seems to be really good at a lot of sports. He has been able to dribble a ball since he was just over two and will shoot baskets for hours. We have been looking forward to going to his games and watching him play. It was a great day. It varied between sunny and almost hot to a little chilly, depending on the breeze. Sasha and Brookelyn sat on a blanket and watched while eating snacks, which was great. I took a lot of pictures and Ray helped direct the boys. It was very cute!
Sasha really likes playing with balls and seems like she will be a good athlete when she gets older. I know it is hard to tell at this young age, but both of my boys liked playing with balls when they were younger and she seems to be the same way. She took seven steps on her own at the game!

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