Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two New Teeth!

Sasha has been taking a few steps here and there, but mostly because we try to get her to do it. The last three days she has been doing it a lot on her own. She will just stand up on her own in the middle of the room, take a few steps or a lot of steps and then lower herself down and start crawling. If she wants to get somewhere fast she crawls. She has a funny way of crawling-she puts her head down and powers across the room. It's pretty darn cute, like everything else she does. She is so small to be standing up and walking!
She got her top left tooth on Monday and her top right one on Wednesday. I can't wait to see what she looks like with teeth! She seems to be "getting" a lot of things lately. She started saying "mama" again a couple of days ago, plays with Brookelyn more and seems to be doing more communcating with us. I said "Uh oh" once last week when I dropped something and she repeated it very clearly right after me. She doesn't always repeat us when we have tried it since, but she seems to think it is funny. She will laugh if someone else is laughing and looks concerned if Brayden or Brookelyn cries.
We went to the beach yesterday with my sister and her three girls. It sounded like a good idea. The beach always sounds like a good idea. It was a beautiful day so we went. It was supposed to be chilly so I packed stuff for warm weather and cold weather. It turned out to be perfect. Brayden and Brookelyn wore swim suits and Sasha wore regular clothes. I knew she wasn't going to get wet. Brookelyn and Brayden played in sand with their cousins and did get a little wet. Both of them liked walking up and getting their feet wet in the ocean. Brookelyn told me this morning that she saw fish but that Ariel and the other mermaids were hiding. I was pretty surprised to hear that. I didn't know she could connect the ocean in the movie with the ocean we put our feet into. Sasha loved the beach! She didn't mind eating food that had a little sand on it and loved playing in the sand. We walked up and I dipped her feet into the water. She wasn't thrilled with that. The water is still too cold for me to swim in though a lot of people were out in it. We stayed for a few hours and hen had ice cream before we left for home. Everything was great until Brookelyn's cone broke. She cried from the time it broke until about a half mile from home. I think that is about twenty minutes. Sasha slept right through it but it wasn't fun for Brayden, Colton or I. It then took me a couple of hours to clean out my car and wash all of the sand off of all of us and all of our things.

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Catherine said...

I LOVE the new haircut!! I have wanted to try that with Isabella's hair but don't know how she would look...Elisabeth has that style :) Maybe next time I'll get brave and cut it off!!